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Срібна, Є. В. and Sribna, Е. V. (2019) ЛОГІСТИЧНІ ЗАСАДИ ДЕРЖАВНОГО РЕГУЛЮВАННЯ ЕНЕРГЕТИЧНОЇ БЕЗПЕКИ КРАЇНИ. [Автореферати, дисертації] (Unpublished)


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Досліджено теоретичні основи забезпечення енергетичної безпеки в системі національної; висвітлено сутність та завдання державного регулювання енергетичної безпеки; розкрито логістичні засади забезпечення енергетичної безпеки країни. Проведено оцінку стану та умови забезпечення енергетичної безпеки України; наведено економічну характеристику енергетичної безпеки країни; визначено вплив держави на забезпечення енергетичної безпеки на логістичних засадах. Визначено логістичні складові підвищення енергетичної безпеки; запропоновано державне регламентування енергетичного самозабезпечення; розроблено сценарне прогнозування енергетичної безпеки України.

Title in English

Logistical bases of state regulation of the energy security in country

English abstract

The theoretical principles of ensuring energy security in the national system are analyzed; the essence and tasks of state regulation of energy security are highlighted; logistic principles of state energy security ensuring are substantiated. An assessment of the state and conditions of energy security of Ukraine was made; the economic characteristic of the country's energy security is presented; the influence of the state on the energy security ensuring in accordance with the logistical principles is determined. Logistic components of energy security enhancement are analyzed; the state regulation of energy self-sufficiency is characterized; forecasting of Ukraine's energy security is proposed. The critical analysis of scientific sources and researches was made and it is proposed to consider national security as a state of society, in which material, informational, energy and other resources ensure the sustainable existence and development of the country as a whole system. The analysis of the modern conceptual apparatus regarding the categories of “economic security” and “energy security” enables to define the mission of energy security of Ukraine. Taking into consideration the identified factors to ensure the national security in general and its components, the functional dependence of priority energy development and the level of energy security was revealed and the model “Energy Pyramid” was proposed. The institutional and legal principles of state regulation of energy security were improved; the principles determine subjects, objects, intermediaries of energy security, their characteristics and legislative and legal provisions that regulate the subject-object communications. It is proved that the principles of state regulation of energy security should be focused on the appropriate conditions formation for the production, supply, transportation, transmission and consumption of electricity; principles enable the implementation of interdependent functions aimed to ensure the economic and energy security. The analysis of the structure and energy features from the standpoint of ensuring energy security has revealed the need to introduce conceptual logistic principles in the energy sector, based on the author's definition of energy logistics as a system of technical, organizational, economic and environmental measures, which guarantee the reliable and qualitative supply of energy resources and energy (power) to the end users to ensure energy security of the country. For predictive estimation of the energy security level it was used the calculation based on the pyramidal method of extrapolation of time series. According to the calculations, the projected energy security index in 2018 is 36%. Thus, there is deterioration in the level of energy security and defines only the framework within the country's economy does not allow the full implementation of the economic collapse mechanism. It is determined that the energy policy of Ukraine, and its energy security will be developed in perspective in one of three directions. The pessimistic (inhibitory) approach, which reflects the current situation in the energy sector of Ukraine, means the adaptation of energy business entities to energy reforms. Sustained (realistic) approach should be based on real reforms of the urgent problems of energy of Ukraine through the modernization of the whole energy infrastructure. Optimistic (innovative) approach allow for a sharp increase in Ukraine's energy security through the radical changes in both the energy sector and developments, and the introduction of new principal logistic schemes. In future the energy policy of Ukraine will remain a priority task of the government, and its implementation will depend on a number of factors, among which legal and financial-investment are decisive. The legal framework defines the limits to ensure the energy security.

Item Type: Автореферати, дисертації
Uncontrolled Keywords: енергетична безпека, національна безпека, економічна безпека, державне регулювання енергетичної безпеки, енергетична логістика, логістичне поле, логістичні ланцюги електроенергії, альтернативна енергетика, energy security, national security, economic security, state regulation of energy security, energy logistics, logistics field, logistic chains of electricity, alternative energy
УДК: 65.012.34:620.9:351/354 (043.3)
Авторський знак: С 75
Бібліографічний опис: Срібна Є. В. Логістичні засади державного регулювання енергетичної безпеки країни : автореф. дис. ... канд. економ. наук : 08.00.03 / Срібна Євгенія Вікторівна. - Захист 17.04.19. - Рівне, 2019. - 24 с.
Subjects: Автореферат
Depositing User: С. В. Бойчук
Date Deposited: 05 Apr 2019 10:30
Last Modified: 05 Apr 2019 10:30
URI: http://ep3.nuwm.edu.ua/id/eprint/14536

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