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Кухнюк, О. М. and Kukhniuk, O. M. (2019) АНАЛІЗ ЗМІНИ ТИСКУ ВИХРОВИХ ПОВІТРЯНИХ ПОТОКІВ В УМОВАХ ПЛАНОВАНОГО ЕКСПЕРИМЕНТУ. Вісник Національного університету водного господарства та природокористування (1(85)). pp. 150-158.

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Наведені результати є продовженням досліджень, що присвячені генерації вихрових потоків (торнадо). В результаті реалізації планованого експерименту, отримана математична модель, що дає змогу прогнозувати зміну тиску повітря в верхніх шарах вихрових потоків (в межах факторів варіювання).

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The vortical movements of the air in the form of tornadoes (tornadoes) are one of the least studied phenomena in nature. Such flows are characterized by movement in the field of centrifugal forces and fundamentally different from the axial flows of gas by parameters such as axial, rotational, radial velocities, especially gradients of static and full pressure, etc. Despite the fact that the properties of twisted streams today are highlighted in many papers by both domestic and foreign researchers, the question of the dynamics and conditions of the occurrence of tornadoes of the air environment remain relevant. The following methodology for predicting temperature regimes under the conditions of swirling air flow has made it possible to determine the main significant parameters, modes and time characteristics that led to changes in the studied parameters. The study of changes in temperature indices in the upper layers of vortex flows was carried out with the help of a planned experiment on the installation described [1]. Experiments were carried out in a mode determined by the matrix of the three-factor plan of Box-Behnken (Table 1). The following factors, variations (studies) were selected: Engine revolutions – Vd; Angle of guides (creating vortex air movement in the installation) at the bottom of the installation – α ; The area of opening of air damper (for adjusting the volume of air pumped through the installation) – Sz. The chosen variables of the planned experiment have different degrees of influence on the studied change in pressure in the air vortex flow. For the initial parameters in the study of the vortex air movement, an absolute difference in temperature variation in the upper layer of the vortex motion at the beginning of the experiment was adopted and after a time interval of 10 minutes. Selected variance factors according to the Box-Benkin plan have different degrees of influence on the investigated change in pressure in the air vortex stream. Moreover, the greatest effect has always been observed at Sz = 0.25 and the subsequent increase in the speed of the engine (increasing the intensity of air flow in the experimental installation). Moreover, the difference in pressure in the dry zones of the air vortex, within a radius of 20 cm, is experimentally confirmed by the conclusion that the phenomenon of tornadoes is realized and can only exist if there is a difference in gradients of pressure of air masses. These gradients are the basis that stabilizes this phenomenon (it divides the body of the tornado from the surrounding atmospheric air). Thus, an equilibrium between the gradients of pressure and centrifugal force, forming the internal stable zone and the wall of the vortex is achieved.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: генерація торнадо, планований експеримент, тиск в зоні вихрових потоків, tornado generation, planned experiment, pressure in the vortex flow zone
УДК: 504.35; 551.515.3
Бібліографічний опис: Кухнюк О. М. Аналіз зміни тиску вихрових потоків в умовах планованого експерименту / О. М. Кухнюк // Вісник НУВГП. Технічні науки : зб. наук. праць. - Рівне : НУВГП, 2019. - Вип. 1(58). - С. 150-158.
Subjects: Видання університету > Вісник НУВГП > серія "Технічні науки" > 2019 > Вісник 1
Видання університету > Вісник НУВГП > серія "Технічні науки" > 2019
Видання університету
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Date Deposited: 31 Oct 2019 09:58
Last Modified: 31 Oct 2019 09:58
URI: http://ep3.nuwm.edu.ua/id/eprint/16125

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