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Мілаш, Т. О. and Ліпянін, В. А. and Струк, Ж. М. and Milash, T. A. and Lipіanin, V. A. and Struk, Zh. M. (2021) ДОСЛІДЖЕННЯ ЗЕЛЕНОГО РЕКРЕАЦІЙНОГО ПРОСТОРУ В МЕДИЧНИХ ЗАКЛАДАХ НА ПРИКЛАДІ СВІТОВОГО ДОСВІД. Вісник Національного університету водного господарства та природокористування (2(94)). pp. 50-59.

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У статті наведені результати досліджень зеленого рекреаційного простору в медичних закладах, що створюють сприятливі умови для відпочинку, лікування та фізичної реабілітації. Наведенні приклади зелених рекреаційних просторів в медичних закладах.

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The article presents the results of research of green recreational space in medical institutions that create favorable conditions for recreation, treatment, and physical rehabilitation. One of the most significant directions in innovative development in the design of health care facilities was the implementation of green recreational space in the external and internal structure of medical institutions. Modern healthcare facilities are paying more and more attention to the quality of the environment and its impact on both patients and staff. In Europe and the world, the trend of using natural elements in hospital architecture as an additional, but not insignificant, non-drug means of accelerating recovery and improving the quality of life of patients over the past few decades is becoming more widespread. The reason for this trend is largely the awareness of the poor quality of the hospital environment in general and, in particular, the architecture, which becomes a source of additional stress for patients, worsening their condition, instead of promoting the speedy recovery of patients. In Ukraine and many other post-Soviet countries, this trend is not yet noticeable, although there are excellent examples of hospital parks among historic medical complexes, hospital sanatoriums, there are some examples of inclusion of landscape design elements in the architectural ensemble of medical institutions built in the XX century and some modern projects. Outside hospital complexes, in Ukraine there are interesting design solutions for roof gardens, underground and semi-underground parking lots with orderly operated roofsgardens in residential construction have become widespread. However, the integration of nature into the environmental complexes of hospitals is not perceived, in general, as a significant component, scientific work on this topic is practically not conducted, landscaping of hospitals is carried out in violation of norms, there is no monitoring of its quality. The article explores the recreational space in foreign medical institutions. The concept of recreational space is defined. A conclusion is drawn about the need and practical use of green recreational spaces. The most widespread types of green recreational spaces used in medicine are revealed. The influence of different plant species on humans is estimated. Grouped the most effective methods of organizing green spaces for the greatest therapeutic effect. As a result of the analysis of foreign experience, it is revealed that at designing and construction of medical institutions not only improvement of the territory but also the green recreational space integrated directly into the structure of the building is widely used.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: зелене будівництво; зелені рекреаційні простори; зелені рекреаційні ресурси; green construction; green recreational spaces; green recreational resources
УДК: 693.827:72.012
Бібліографічний опис: Мілаш Т. О. Дослідження зеленого рекреаційного простору в медичних закладах на прикладі світового досвіду / Т. О. Мілаш, В. А. Ліпянін, Ж. М. Струк // Вісник НУВГП. Технічні науки : зб. наук. праць. - Рівне : НУВГП, 2021. - Вип. 2(94). - С. 50-59.
Subjects: Видання університету > Вісник НУВГП > серія "Технічні науки" > 2021 > Вісник 2
Видання університету > Вісник НУВГП > серія "Технічні науки" > 2021
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Date Deposited: 22 Dec 2021 12:17
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