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Криворучко, О. П. and Krуvoruchko, O. P. (2018) РОЗВИТОК ДОРОЖНЬОЇ ГАЛУЗІ УКРАЇНИ ЧЕРЕЗ РЕАЛІЗАЦІЮ ІНВЕСТИЦІЙНО-ІНФРАСТРУКТУРНИХ ПРОЕКТІВ. Вісник Національного університету водного господарства та природокористування (2(82)). pp. 79-87.

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В статті розглянуто теоретичні і практичні аспекти розвитку транспортного сектору економіки України. Наведено та проаналізовано модель впливу інвестицій в транспорту систему на економічне зростання. Розглянуто сучасний процес формування ефективного конкурентоспроможного ринку транспортних послуг та побудови збалансованої за видами транспорту транспортної системи. Визначено принципи електронного справляння плати за користування дорогами.

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The article considers theoretical and practical aspects of the transport sector development of the Ukrainian economy. It is determined that one of the prerequisites for the effective functioning and growth of the national economy is the high level of its infrastructure development. And the need for renewal and development of the road network is constantly increasing. It is determined that at present, Ukraine needs serious measures and reforms aimed at improving both general logistics conditions: customs performance indicators, infrastructure improvements, international supply, increased ability to track deliveries and increase the competence of logistics service providers, as well as individual sectors, in the first turn of the road and rail: improving their efficiency and ensuring functioning on a stable financial basis. The model of the investment impact in the transport system on economic growth is given and analyzed. One of the target areas is to improve the provision of transport links, operation of roads and road safety for their users and improve the management of the network of roads in Ukraine by investing in the modernization of the networks of roads – the implementation of investment infrastructure projects. The modern process of an effective competitive market of transport services formation and the contraction of the balanced transport system by transport types are considered. The Budget Code of Ukraine and the laws on the state budget provided for the accumulation in the special fund of the State Budget of Ukraine of relevant fees, taxes and payments. Subsequently, these revenues were transferred to the State Road Fund, from which expenditures on construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads were carried out. Since 2015, there have been radical changes in the approaches to budget financing, which Ukravtodor is financed directly from the general fund of the state budget without the imposition of taxes and fees from users under the special fund. Without a clear-cut policy of financing the road sector, this has led to difficulties in planning for improving and maintaining a network of roads due to the lack of information on likely financing levels. The electronic charging mechanisms for the roads use are defined. When introducing e-commissioning fees for using roads, there are several problems that can weaken or prevent the introduction of this system.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: інвестиційно-інфраструктурні проекти, електронна плата, дорожня галузь, електронне справляння плати, investment and infrastructure projects, electronic payment, road industry, electronic charging mechanisms
УДК: 630 (477)
Бібліографічний опис: Криворучко О. П. Розвиток дорожньої галузі України через реалізацію інвестиційно-інфраструктурних проектів / О. П. Криворучко // Вісник НУВГП. Економічні науки : зб. наук. праць. – Рівне : НУВГП, 2018. – Вип. 2(82). – С. 79-87.
Subjects: Видання університету > Вісник НУВГП > серія "Економічні науки" > 2018 > Вісник 2
Видання університету > Вісник НУВГП > серія "Економічні науки" > 2018
Depositing User: С. В. Бойчук
Date Deposited: 11 Apr 2019 07:58
Last Modified: 11 Apr 2019 07:58
URI: http://ep3.nuwm.edu.ua/id/eprint/14586

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